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Cape Cornwall, the Lands End peninsular, and the West Penwith areas are one of the most picturesque and least spoilt locations in Cornwall, and still holding on to the ‘old Cornwall’ charm and atmosphere. A holiday here is truly a holiday of discovery for discerning travellers…

The area is rich in Cornish heritage, dramatic cliffs, golden beaches, rocky and wooded valleys, moorland, rolling farm land, and hidden coves; much of it is designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The intricate arrangement of stone-hedged fields and stone-walled homesteads that can be seen all over the peninsula have been created by continuous farming by the Cornish over the last 5000 years.

West Penwith has more ancient and historic sites than any other area of Britain, ranging from stone age to iron age monuments and settlements. There are stone circles, 90 standing stones, holy wells, numerous hill forts, iron age village settlements, quoits, and burial barrows. Cornwall’s earliest history is of special interest, mainly because many of the structures erected by the earliest inhabitants of the area are still very much in place and intact.

Touring around West Penwith today, you can find stone field enclosures that date back to the time of the pyramids, burial sites dating back 5,000 years, stone circles dating back to the Bronze Age, and even some well preserved ancient villages.